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Evaluation of Student, examination and grades

  • The evaluation of the student in a course shall be based on his/her performance in various kinds of  exanimations, records, class work and other types of exercises.
  • The detailed course outlines in each course shall be prepared by the concerned teacher (S) in consultation with the University Head of the Department/Head of the Department, which will be made available to the students during the first week of the semester. A schedule of the mid-semester examinations of the academic programme shall be prepared by the Associate Dean and notified to the students at the beginning of each semester.
  • In affiliated colleges, the  mid-semester examination in each course shall be conducted by the University.
  • Answer scripts  of mid-semester examinations shall be evaluated by the concerned course teacher ( in affiliated colleges also) and shall be shown to the students. The students shall have the option to request the teacher for clarification of any doubts in scoring, provided that such clarification is requested for when the answer scripts are made available to them. This, shall not apply for final examinations.

Mid Semister Examinations

  • There shall be one mid-semester examination to be conducted by the teacher offering the course after 50% of the working days are over in a semester. The duration for midsemester examination shall be for one and half hours.
  • The marks allotted for mid-semester and semester final theory examinations shall be 50 and 100, respectively. ordinarily no condonation for absence of mid-semester examination shall be given. However, if a student is genuinely prevented from takang examination as in the case of serious illness or accident or any other case, a special reexamination may be arranged by the concerned teacher in consultation with the Head of the department. This repeat examination shall be held within two weeks from the date of examinations so missed, and shall be a common examination for all such students.
  •  Unless a student appears for the mid-semester examination he/she shall not be permitted to appear for the semester final theory and practical examinations in the course concerned.
  • The regular mid-semester examination and the special re-examination shall be conducted as per the time to be fixed by the Associate Dean.

Semister Final Examinations

  • The semester final examinations shall be held at the end of each semester in each course. The semester final examination in the theory portion shall be of two and half hours duration. lt shall be the responsibility of the university to conduct the theory portion of semester final examination.
  • Practical examinations shall be conducted by the respective colleges. ln affiliated colleges, the final practical examination shall be conducted and evaluated by the - nominated teacher from University college.

N.S. Agricultural College Farm is of 110 acres which includes wetland, wood land in which we can notice flooded area, scarce water zone, enclosure with garden of fruit trees, arboretum and forest trees from closed canopy that provide extensive and nearly continuous shade which provides scientific knowledge for the student community. INM, IPM, Organic farming, zero budget natural farming are the recent advances in the field of agriculture where we are implementing all these methods for production of crops which provides immense knowledge to the students and it will in turn useful for the farmers in using recent technologies from increasing production and productivity in State of Andhra Pradesh.

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