Agriculture is intended to become not merely an efficient, Eco-Friendly production system, capable of meeting basic demands of the Rapidly increasing population but it has to become a major powerful instrument for a comprehensive socio-Economic transformation of the country, including improvement in the life of every individual.

The objective of the vision is to provide a sense of purpose to our efforts, a sense of urgency for the action, and common frame work that will orient that action. Obviously it has to be complemented with strategic planning and programming efforts, which eventually must address the issue of how to implement the vision through action.

To be the leading centre providing student responsive education this in turn facilitates farmer responsive training and services for development of Agriculture in the state of Andhra Pradesh.



Imparting quality education and training in Agriculture to the students, to develop human Resources to match the changing needs is the main objective of college.

The college provides comprehensive academic support, financial assistance and personalized out reach efforts in order to serve community of students, faculty & staff. In addition, by utilizing highly effective business, administrative and student information systems, the office provides advocacy for the colleges academic departments & programme.